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Technology is taking over the world. And right at the center of this change are mobile apps. Just think of any leading company right now. Google? Tesla? Microsoft? Amazon? Facebook? What do they have all have in common? They have invested in mobile apps. Today, mobile apps allow you to do just about anything. From shopping to social media interactions, today you can get an app to do just about anything. And the market is growing bigger and bigger everyday.

But it’s not all roses and sunshine. Developing an app that captures people’s attention can be quite challenging. You need a lot of technical knowledge on different programming languages. For most of us, this would take an exceedingly long time to learn. Luckily, with the Mobile App Advisory, you do not need to learn anything. That’s right. You need ZERO technical knowledge to create your app.

At Mobile App Advisory, we have created a host of mobile app templates that allow you to build, quickly customize and launch your app. Whether you are a professional web developer or someone just looking to earn extra income by publishing your apps for download, our platform is just perfect for you. With access to 200++ app templates, creating your app is as easy as ABC. All of our app templates have been designed by professional app developers for a seamless development experience. Whether you need to create an app for your business, shopping, blog, or anything, we have got just the right template for you.
With a one time payment of $19.90 ONLY, you can get access to the full 200++ app templates collection plus your free blueprint to successfully marketing your app. For those who would like to take it a notch higher, with a one time payment of $199 you enjoy access to everything from our basic package plus free lifetime updates to our templates. Take advantage of the growing mobile app market today with Mobile App Advisory.

No Coding Required

There is no coding or development work as the templates can be published as complete app by just changing package name, admob ads ID & some graphics

Full Documentation

Complete documentation are provided for each app template with step by steps how to do some minor changes with Android Studio & eClipse (Android App), and Xcode (iOS App)

Massive Cost Saving

The bunde is priced at a very massive discount from the original price. The standard price for a complete app template may cost $30-$50, but this bundle is only $99. The actual value of these templates are more than $20K


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  • 200+ app templates with documentation
  • Free app marketing eBook worth $19.90

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life time free updates
  • 200+ app templates with documentation
  • Life time free updates with new templates
  • Free app marketing eBook worth $19.90

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